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Rácz, Yamaga & Associates is a consulting company focused on strategic direction, management, new business development, merger and acquisitions. It serves companies in several countries of Latin America, recommending and implementing solutions for structured growth and investments.

Rácz, Yamaga & Associates operates the chemical industry in several segments, with significant participation in coatings, adhesives, resins, pigments and other specialty chemicals. We perform in the verticalization and processes from market development, technology transfer, services and distribution.

Our specialists deliver solutions for business opportunities, productivity gains and brand positioning.




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Francisco Rácz & Washington Yamaga - RY Associates for Paint & Pintura March 2021

We are already in 2021 being pressured to prioritize and implement programs that previously seemed to be a short-term resumption, as a long marathon. Coatings in South America as in all businesses, the new waves make us revisit the actions and the risks attached to it. The drivers of the new era are irreversible and globally impact people on housing, the workplace, health, mobility and concerns about the environment. The degree of immunization of people in this pandemic and other factors will ultimately determine the risk assessment of our decisions over time.

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SOUTH AMERICA: $ 10 BL in 2024

Francisco Rácz & Washington Yamaga – RY Associates for  Paint & Pintura December 2020

Despite of uncertainty scenario and strong recovery in several segments, the 1st. Latin American Leadership Forum for coatings, organized by Agnelo Editora, brought to the discussion precisely a reading of this dichotomy. RY sought to reflect the major trends in volumes by country and segment, as well as main concentration efforts in the coatings sector.