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Intelligent Structural


Rácz, Yamaga & Associates is a consulting company focused on strategic direction, management, new business development, merger and acquisitions. It serves companies in several countries of Latin America, recommending and implementing solutions for structured growth and investments.

Rácz, Yamaga & Associates operates the chemical industry in several segments, with significant participation in coatings, adhesives, resins, pigments and other specialty chemicals. We perform in the verticalization and processes from market development, technology transfer, services and distribution.

Our specialists deliver solutions for business opportunities, productivity gains and maeket positioning.




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P & P Setembro 2022.png

Coatings reshaping the value proposition

Francisco Z. Rácz, Washington T. Yamaga – R Y & Associates for Paint & Pintura Sept 2022

Increasing intervals between painting and repainting cycles are also on the radar of concerns and opportunities for participants in the coatings industry. Cost-effective and sustainable coatings should yield more and be durable enough to lengthen re-coating intervals and participating in sustainability efforts more broadly. The paint industry is already moving towards a more ecological approach, from the use of bio-based raw materials to the reinvention of production processes and paint application.

P & P Nov 2022.png

Transparent proximity to the end user

Francisco Z. Rácz, Washington T. Yamaga

RY & Associates for Paint&Pintura Nov 2022


In the last ten years, while the coatings industry in South America has evolved in the introduction of new paint systems for different substrates, the consumer has learned to trust and question the added value in coatings.

Developing products with higher added value and reduced emissions is becoming crucial for paint innovators to remain competitive.