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Rácz, Yamaga & Associates is a business advisor service consultant company focused on strategic direction, management, new business development, merger and acquisitions. It serves companies in several countries of South America, recommending and implementing solutions for structured growth and investments.

Rácz, Yamaga & Associates operates the chemical industry in several segments, with significant participation in coatings, adhesives, resins, pigments and other specialty chemicals. We perform in the verticalization and processes from market development, technology transfer, services and distribution.

Our specialists deliver solutions for business opportunities, productivity gains and maeket positioning.

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The Inevitable Route of Sustainability in South American Coatings

Francisco Racz & Washington Yamaga – RY & Associates for Paint&Pintura March 2024

In recent years, the persistence of geopolitical tensions and business risks has led to a shift in perspective regarding the urgency of the issues to be addressed. Global issues related to opportunities in the sustainability route are becoming increasingly close, simultaneous, and unavoidable. The sustainability route in coatings is an essential journey in the pursuit of environmentally friendly and survival-friendly practices. Companies are investing in sustainable paint formulations, adopting natural pigments and biodegradable alternatives, reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle and across the supply chain, in the production and use of paints. The article describes the current priorities on the sustainability route in coatings in South America.

P & P Maio 2024 v1.png

The uncertainty and volatility scenairos favors whom?

Francisco Racz, Washington Yamaga - RY & Associates for Paint&Pntura April 2024

The global scenario of uncertainties and volatilities is reshaping the paint market, driven by the growing power of the middle class in economies like India, China, and South America. With projections indicating significant changes in the coming years, the question arises: who will benefit from this evolving landscape? Discover how trends in the middle class, geopolitical dynamics, and supply strategies are shaping the future of the paint industry and its key players in this strategic analysis article by RY & Associates.

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