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Rácz, Yamaga & Associates is a consulting company focused on strategic direction, management, new business development, merger and acquisitions. It serves companies in several countries of Latin America, recommending and implementing solutions for structured growth and investments.

Rácz, Yamaga & Associates operates the chemical industry in several segments, with significant participation in coatings, adhesives, resins, pigments and other specialty chemicals. We perform in the verticalization and processes from market development, technology transfer, services and distribution.

Our specialists deliver solutions for business opportunities, productivity gains and brand positioning.




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Francisco Z. Rácz & Washington T. Yamaga - R Y & Associates for Paint & Pintura August 2020


The 100-day resumption plan has certainly been revisited in terms of concepts and expectations numerous times. We quickly concluded that the crisis is going to be long, different and unprecedented.

The article brings reflections that before increasing sales, it is necessary to gain consumer confidence. All companies have established their crisis committees and are now looking for other smart and resilient decisions, reconfiguring their resources to survive.


Francisco Z. Rácz & Washington T. Yamaga - R Y & Associates for  Paint & Pintura June 2020

All crises bring scars before defining themselves as drivers. The 2008 crisis taught the concept of risk in the real estate businesses to a group of people and enterprises. The 2020 crisis affects all of us individually in the capacity to react, defend and work. Mobility as previously conceptualized will change the housing industry, the transport industry, health and social life. New parameters will certainly be reflected in coatings and their brands in order to be socially sustainable.

The coatings businesses will be challenged on its knowledge and creativity, pressured exponentially for new solutions. The drastic reduction in “time to market” will clearly be a survival condition.