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Rácz, Yamaga & Associates is a consulting firm focused on strategic direction, management, new business development, merger and acquisitions. It serves companies in several countries of Latin America, recommending and implementing solutions for structured growth and investments.

Rácz, Yamaga & Associates operates the chemical industry in several segments, with significant participation in coatings, adhesives, resins, pigments and other specialty chemicals. We perform in the verticalization and processes from market development, technology transfer, services and distribution.

Our specialists deliver solutions for business opportunities, productivity gains and brand positioning.




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Francisco Rácz & Washington Yamaga - Rácz, Yamaga & Associates para Paint & Pintura October 2019

The stage for South American coatings market is occupied by thousands of suppliers. This may sound daunting, but it is natural for a mature, sub-segmented market such as coatings: low risk and reasonable return on investment. Given the complexity of technology, distribution and segmentation, it is also natural that less than a hundred suppliers occupy almost 90% of the market, which in 2018 consumed $ 8.1 billion inks for a volume of 3.1 billion liters.

南美洲塗料市場: 復甦緩慢但比想像中快 South America Coatings:  Beyond Slow Recovery

Francisco Rácz & Washington Yamaga (RY & Associates) for China Coat Journal – September 2019

Coatings market in South America was estimated to be at US$ 8.1 billions in 2018. It should reach a level close to US$ 12 billions in 2023 and over US$ 20 billions in 2030, with good and continuous growth rates in all countries. The South American region over the next 3 to 5 years is certainly not going to be at the forefront of disruptive paint technologies but certainly will be rapidly capturing opportunities to put them into new action. Most countries will see a continuity of higher growth rates in view of their overall stability, strong emerging middle class and infrastructure investments.